Ross and Adrian’s Stadium Guide

Welcome to the new and improved football stadium guide, put together by two Leicester City supporters. Ross and Adrian are probably one of the only father and son partnerships to have done the 92 English football league grounds in different eras and indeed different centuries. Let us know if you fit into this small group, it would be great to hear from you.

The website itself is one of the most comprehensive football ground sites around. It features thousands of photos and many articles of the ground, the match experience and even ratings.

Not only Premier League and Football League but we also have a strong Non-League section for fans of the football pyramid. We believe our Non-League section is the largest photo collection of Non-League football grounds.

A NEW feature has been photos and reports of life north of the border in Scotland, plus a few days in Northern Ireland.

As we have completed the 92, we keep our number updated should a new stadium or club appear in the Football League.
Being based in the East Midlands, access across the country is excellent so when time permits and we are not sitting in the King Power Stadium we are starting to re-visit some nearer grounds.

Also featured in Ross and Adrian’s Stadium Guide are lost football grounds, some remnants of grounds, some grounds actually visited and some where the only memory is a plaque marking the centre spot in the middle of a car park.

A small but hopefully in the future a more expanding page on our website is our European Football Stadiums section.

In the summer whilst football has a break, we enjoy England’s premier summer sport, Cricket! Unique to England and the commonwealth countries.
We are building a collection of test match grounds and county grounds from across the country.

Hopefully you will all find the website interesting, informative and enjoyable. As with all websites like this, it is a work in progress with constant additions. However if you are a fan from the UK, the Far East, Scandinavia, Europe etc…, don’t venture to a match or visit a stadium without looking at our photos and articles first.

We are always interested in your feedback. Feel free to email us if we can help you with any trip. Most of all enjoy the website! Whether you support Stenhousemuir, Swansea City, Spennymoor, Salisbury, Arsenal, Aldershot, Accrington or Ayr you may find something of interest to you.

Enjoy your stadium visiting whatever the level


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